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The Dog Chef Mission Statement

At The Dog Chef, I’m committed to improving the life of man’s best friend. The best way of achieving this is with the provision of improved nutrition coupled with species-appropriate stimulation. Making homemade dog treats and food can achieve both of these.

Healthier food and treats means improved nutrition. This means a healthier dog. Making food and treats at home involves my canine companions in the food-providing process. The environmental stimulation of the baking and cooking processes provide behavioural enrichment for your dog in a way that buying commercial food and treats never can.

Every one of my dog treat mixes has been approved by my in-house dog nutritionist. An acknolwedged expert in homemade dog food, he’s passionate about his work. He insists that every ingredient I use, every ingredient I recommend, is of human-grade quality. That is to say, each and every ingredient has been passed fit for human consumption. That means my homemade dog treats are not only safe for your dog, they’re good enough for you to eat too.

Every ingredient is both dog-safe and beneficial to the health of man’s best friend. In terms of feeding man’s best friend, I don’t use and I don’t recommend the use of anything that is not 100% natural.

Every single one of my homemade dog treats made using my Bake & Treat dog treat mixes has been tried, tested and tasted by my entire team. That includes my head chef, my dog nutritionist and naturally it also includes my own two beloved dogs who’ve bravely stuck with me since the very beginning of this enjoyable journey.

Dog treats so tasty, you eat them too!

Believe me, they are so tasty, who can blame them? I’ve even had comments from some dog parents (names withheld to protect those concerned) who admit on occasion to having been reluctant to share their dog’s treats with their dog. Absolutely true. Wait ’till you try my Blueberry Rascal recipe. You might be more sympathetic to their cause than you think!

As a team, we’re here to help you bake treats for your dog and to help improve the life of your best friend. And if we can help you in that regard in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us!