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Dog Chef Calcium

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What is calcium

Few things are more important to your dog than calcium. This vital mineral is essential in the development and maintenance of strong bones, teeth, nails and coat. In other words, it’s essential in keeping your dog healthy!

But calcium does so much more than that. It also aids with digestion, it enables blood to clot, it assists with the release of hormones and it helps facilitate proper heart and nerve function. Pretty important stuff then!

Calcium supplementation for dogs

If you feed your dog a commercial diet, his or her calcium requirement will have been taken care of.

But dogs cannot produce their own calcium, so if you feed your dog a healthy homemade diet, you will most definitely need to supplement it with a dog calcium supplement powder.

Most calcium supplements on the market use crushed limestone as their calcium carbonate source. A product some manufacturers euphemistically call limestone flour. Call it what you will, it doesn’t sound particularly healthy to me. It’s sedimentary rock at the end of the day!

There was a time when pet parents used bonemeal as a calcium source. Today however bonemeal contains too many contaminants to ever be considered safe for your dog.

But there is a better, more natural, more sustainable source. My own dog calcium supplement powder, handmade with treated and ground eggshells in my own facility here in rural Somerset in the UK.

Dog Chef Calcium Supplement

UK produced 100% natural calcium carbonate, essential for strong teeth & bones!

Sources of calcium

A certain amount of calcium can be provided by feeding your dog the likes of leafy green vegetables, eggs, natural yogurt, cottage cheese and fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines.

Instead of a supplement you could feed your dog two or three raw meaty bones a week, but as good as raw, uncooked, meaty bones are for dogs, they don’t suit everyone’s lifestyle. They’re a bit messy apart from anything else. And of course there’s always the concern over broken teeth, constipation and intestinal blockages.

Next to raw meaty bones though, ground eggshells are the richest source of calcium carbonate on the planet. They can also supply your dog with phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, manganese, iron and copper, so they have an awful lot going for them.

You’ll find my other dog supplements here. Just like my dog calcium supplement powder, they too are 100% natural, and they’re now available on Etsy!

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