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Cheese-Stuffed Venison Meatballs

I made these for Marco to celebrate his 9th birthday. Once baked in the oven, I simply served them with some steamed vegetables to make a dinner with a difference for he and his little sister Ava.

This venison recipe for dogs really hit the spot with my two dogs, and they really know a thing or two about good food. Dogs love different textures. It helps to keep their food interesting.

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Dogs love venison. Aside from its rich taste, it’s rammed with B vitamins. Said to play a vital role in maintaining good canine health and well-being, B vitamins directly benefit your dog’s brain function and energy levels. They also help boost the immune system and promote cellular health.

Venison is also a lean meat. Much leaner than the likes of beef. Less fat and less cholesterol means it’s the ideal protein source for any dog needing to shed a little lumber. It also contains more omega-3 than other red meats. This makes it beneficial not only for good cognitive function, but for your dog’s skin and coat as well. And of course, omega-3 helps protect joints against arthritis and other debilitating joint problems.

I do hope you’ll give this venison recipe for dogs a try with your pooch. Bone appétit!

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