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Pearl Sago Pudding

Pearl Sago Pudding is a dog-safe dessert that can be enjoyed and appreciated by you and your entire family. Not traditional dog fare perhaps, but dog-safe all the same!


  • Pearl Sago (Tapioca)
  • Water
  • Almond Milk
  • Maple Syrup
  • Eggs

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To your dog this might be sago pudding for dogs. To you and the rest of your family it’s just a deliciously creamy pearl sago or tapioca pudding!

You can use any type of milk in this sago pudding for dogs, but some dogs are lactose intolerant so cow’s milk is not ideal which is why I’ve used almond milk.

For your non-canine family, add sugar to taste. (Definitely no sugar for your dog though)!

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