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Diced Pork & Winter Veg

This beautifully lean pork was on offer at my local supermarket so I grabbed a couple of packs while the going was good. You’ll find your dog is more than happy to pork out so why not give it a try?


  • Diced Pork, Pork Liver
  • Carrots
  • Swiss Chard
  • Parsnips
  • Yellow Bell Peppers
  • Beetroot
  • Dog Chef Daily superfood supplement

It’s hard to express the joy I get out of watching my dogs tuck into a meal like this. This pork dog food recipe is so easy to make, I’d like to see every dog in the land try it out!

As always, I completed this recipe with some of my own Dog Chef Daily for essential natural goodness!

Dog Chef Daily

Plant-based 100% natural daily superfood supplement.
Dog nutritionist-approved.
No additives or preservatives.
Boosts the immune system.
Improves gut health.
Feed daily for best results.

Just look how lean pork can be. I really don’t understand why some people have an aversion to feeding their dog pork. It’s an excellent protein source. It’s also an ideal ‘novel protein’ if your dog is unfortunate enough to have an intolerance to chicken or beef.

You just need to be mindful of ‘pork meal’, the leftovers of large-scale pork production found in many commercial dog foods. It’s likely to contain pork bone which is high in purine, making it problematical for dogs suffering from urinary problems.

Providing you buy your pork from a supermarket, local butcher or farm shop, this is not a problem you’re like to have though.

This pork dog food recipe was cooked in my trusty 6-litre slow cooker on low for 3 hours then topped off with Dog Chef Daily, some essential Dog Chef Calcium and as usual, a healthy drizzle of salmon oil which you’ll find great for your dog’s skin and coat.

As I’m very fond of saying, cooking for your dog does not need to be complicated to be healthy!

Fancy making homemade treats for your dog? My Bake & Treat dog treat baking mixes make 100% healthy and natural, dog nutritionist-approved dog treats. Dog treats so healthy, you can eat them too!


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