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Slow-Cooked Diced Lamb Dinner

Diced lamb, lambs heart and lambs liver combined with what I just happen to have had available at the time with added chickpeas. Simple, nutritious, tasty, and just so healthy for your dog!


This is a simple and quick recipe that could form the basis of many of your dog’s homemade meals.

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Variety is paramount with homemade dog food. So if you do use this lamb homemade dog food recipe as the basis of further meals for your dog, you would need to vary the vegetables according to what you have available. Naturally the protein source would need to be varied as well. I for example have made this recipe using beef as well as lamb, and also varied the vegetables I’ve used according to the season. (Last time I used courgettes and kale in place of butternut squash and spinach).

But other than that, if you’re a busy person, you can still feed your dog a healthy diet with the likes of this lamb homemade dog food recipe.

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