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Chicken Thigh with Red Lentils

This chicken thigh homemade dog food recipe really is homemade dog food at its finest. My heart melts every time I see the enthusiasm with which my dogs tuck into a meal like this!

Chicken Recipes

3 x Homemade Chicken Recipes for your best friend. Easy-to-make, highly nutritious and an excellent source of lean protein and omega-6 fatty acids.

My dogs know a thing or two about good food. They wolfed this recipe down like tomorrow was cancelled and they weren’t going to be fed for a further fortnight.

I simply cooked this lot in a slow cooker on low for 3 hours and then topped it off with my Dog Chef Daily superfood supplement, Dog Chef Calcium and some omega-3 rich salmon oil.

If this chicken thigh homemade dog food recipe looks good enough to eat, it’s because it really is. It’s full of fresh, natural ingredients without an additive or preservative in sight.

This is the way dogs have been fed since time immemorial. For thousands of years dogs ate more or less the same foods as their human companions. Food was key in establishing our relationship. It makes me so happy that my dogs get to enjoy good food like this!

It is important to supplement your dog’s diet though. No matter how high the quality of the food, your best friend needs calcium in its diet. He or she also needs a plant-based supplement of some kind for essential vitamins and minerals.

If you make homemade food for your dog, you'll need to supplement to make that food complete. My natural supplements are made in-house with canine nutritionist approved 100% natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives of any kind.


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