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Blackberry Dog Treats

Traditionally, fat rascals were a type of teacake popularized in Yorkshire during the nineteenth century. It’s said they were created as a way of using leftover pastry.

Be that as it may, our own rascals are as popular with the members of our human team as they are with our canine tasters. Few are more popular than our blackberry dog treats. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

This healthy and natural homemade dog treat recipe is just one of many recipes taken from a proposed book, “The Dog Chef’s Healthy Treat Book.”

Full of natural and healthy recipes, it’s not simply another dog treat recipe book. Every single recipe has been created by our resident dog nutritionist with canine health in mind.

Every recipe contains only 100% natural dog-safe ingredients. Each and every recipe also uses only ingredients passed fit for human consumption. That means dog treats that are healthy enough for your whole family to eat.

(Keep it under your hat, but without additives, preservatives or synthetic ingredients of any kind, they’re probably healthier than most human treats as well)!

“The Dog Chef’s Treat Book” is lavishly illustrated with easy-to-prepare dog treat recipes including puppy training treats, comfort treats, celebration cakes, pupcakes and more.

About this Recipe

This recipe is part of our Oat Cuisine range of dog treats. Like all our treats, they’re designed to be ‘share and share alike’ dog treats made for people and dogs who don’t mind sharing. They taste just as good as they look. Where else have you heard that said about dog treats?

There’s absolutely no reason you couldn’t make these for yourself or your children. They’re healthy and natural and contain no sugar or additives of any kind. Just one of many fruit dog treats recipes.

These are most definitely a treat you can share with your dog if your dog will let you. We’ve tried these with various friends, all of whom have been reluctant to share them with the dogs. In actual fact, the first time we made these ourselves, we had to make another batch for our dogs!

Be warned. Once you’ve tried these treats, you’ll me wanting to try more!

Always remember to allow for any treats you give your dog when calculating his or her daily calorie intake.

Unless you are making these purely for yourself, remember to use only plain natural yogurt in this recipe. It’s full of good bacteria and, importantly from your dog’s point of view, has no unhealthy ingredients.

As with all our homemade dog treat recipes, these blackberry dog treats have been devised by our resident canine nutritionist. He’s the fount of all knowledge when it comes to feeding man’s best friend. There’s not much he doesn’t know about dog nutrition, even if he is rather too fond of eating his own creations.

Speaking of which. Do you fancy making homemade treats for your dog? Our Bake & Treat dog treat mixes make 100% healthy and natural, dog nutritionist-approved dog treats. Dog treats so healthy, you can eat them too!


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