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Meet Our Canine Nutritionist

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At The Dog Chef, we’re proud of our dog treat mixes. We’re happy for you to know exactly what ingredients we use because every one of them is 100% natural, healthy and dog-safe.

Importantly, every one of them is also fit for human consumption because we only use human grade ingredients. So they’re safe for you and your family to eat as well as your dog. (Now where you have you heard that said about dog treats before?)!

Importantly, every one of them has been approved by our resident canine nutritionist, seen here relaxing in the sunshine in the grounds of The Dog Chef HQ.

If he looks happy, it’s because he loves his work. He’s even happier because he actually gets to taste and enjoy the fruits of his labours. Nothing gets his seal of approval until he’s sampled it. He claims it’s part of his job description although we suspect there’s a litte more to it than that. Better hope the canine members of our team don’t find out, Gerald!

Every ingredient we use in our dog treat mixes has recognised health benefits for dogs. The canine nutritionist sees to that.

Brewers yeast, kale flakes, nettle leaf and gotu kola make regular appearances in our dog treat mixes. And for good reason. They all have health benefits for dogs. As with every single ingredient we use, they have recognised health benefits for both human beings and our constant canine companions. That’s why everyone at The Dog Chef is more than happy to sample our homemade dog treats. We very much hope you will too!

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