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Dog treat mix subscription service

Our new dog treat mixes subscription service is the first of its kind in the UK. In fact, as far as we are aware, it’s the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Supported by our in-house canine nutritionist, we have many years experience of making healthy and natural dog treats. Dog treats that are made only with 100% natural ingredients without additives, fillers, by-products or preservatives of any kind.

Now we’re able to bring this experience to you. In the form of 100% natural dog treat mixes that allow you to make natural and healthy homemade treats for your own best friend.

Most commercial dog treats are mass-produced from inferior ingredients in countries where there is little quality control. Despite what it may say on the packet, you never quite know what’s in them. The all-too-frequent dog food and dog treat recalls attest to that!

Besides, and let’s be honest here, there’s something more than a little disconcerting about dog treats that can sit on a shelf for 18 months without spoiling. It most certainly begs the question – what on earth is in them?

But when you make your own dog treats from our 100% natural dog treat mixes, you know exactly what’s in them. You take control of what you treat your dog rather than handing that control to someone who doesn’t even know your dog.

Natural and healthy dog treats

Our dog treat subscription service allows you to make natural and healthy treats for your dog in the comfort of your own home. With the minimum of fuss and expense, and with the comforting knowledge of knowing exactly what is in your best friend’s treats.

Every single ingredient has been approved by our very own canine nutritionist. And every single ingredient has recognised health benefits for your dog. If there are healthier, more natural dog treats anywhere in the world, we find it hard to believe.

One day, all dog treats will be made this way!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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