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Natural & healthy dog treat mixes

All dogs love dog treats, but not all dog treats are created equal. Many commercial dog treats are laced with chemicals and unhealthy additives and preservatives. Step forward Bake & Treat dog treat baking mixes from The Dog Chef, the safe and healthy way to reward your best friend!

The Dog Chef’s Bake & Treat dog treat baking mixes are made only with 100% natural ingredients. Every ingredient, every mix, has been overseen and approved by the team’s in-house dog nutritionist. So there are no hidden nasties, no by-products and no hidden allergens.

Every ingredient is there for a purpose. Because dogs love the taste of them and because every ingredient has proven health benefits for man’s best friend. Ingredients such as kelp and parsley, fenugreek and oatstraw are known to benefit the health of dogs, just as they benefit the health of humans.

Dog treat mix competition

My dog treat mix competition is your chance to put a smile on your dog’s face. Every one loves to see their name in lights, and dogs are no exception. So once a month I’ll be running a free competition.

Each month, one lucky winner will win a dog treat mix personalized with the name of their dog. In addition to the personalized dog treat mix, there will be a number of bonus prizes. No purchase is necessary and our monthly competition is absolutely FREE to enter.

Just click on this link, pop your email address in the box, click enter and you’ll be in the next monthly draw. Simples!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

Click here to join my public Facebook Group for all those interested in baking and cooking for their dog.

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