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My New Packaging

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Recyclable packaging

As anyone who follows my story will be aware, my packaging at The Dog Chef UK has recently undergone a complete makeover.

My new fully recyclable pouches have been designed by the lovely Anna at Anna Designs. We’re absolutely blown away with her entire approach. And the pouch for my Liver Cake Training Treat Baking Mix is an excellent example of her brilliantly creative work.

In total, Anna has created four initial designs for my new recyclable pouches. My Liver Cake Training Treat Baking Mix, Fresh Breath Baking Mix, Tuna Training Treat Baking Mix and my Carob & Banana Cookie Baking Mix.

While I had her undivided attention, I got her to upgrade my stationary and other marketing material at the same time.

My concept

For anyone unfamiliar with The Dog Chef UK, I make baking mixes for homemade dog treats. My dog treat baking mixes contain all the necessary dry ingredients to enable you to make 100% natural and healthy dog treats for your best friend.

Every one of my baking mixes is made with a limited number of high-quality natural ingredients. They’re overseen and approved by my resident dog nutritionist. A keen advocate of natural nutrition for dogs, he ensures they contain no additives and no preservatives. So you know you’re rewarding your dog with perfectly healthy treats when you bake homemade dog treats with one of my mixes.

Great for junior bakers

One of the many stand-out features of my mixes is that they’re made only with human-grade ingredients. That and the fact that they contain just a few simple ingredients make them an ideal introduction for junior bakers.

Children not only learn to bake, they can safely taste what they’ve baked. And they start to learn how to look after a companion animal with healthy nutrition.


In case you haven’t heard, now that I have my new packaging, all my products will be available on Etsy.

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

Click here to join my public Facebook Group for all those interested in baking and cooking for their dog.

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