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Are Dogs Allowed Tomatoes?

Dogs and tomatoes might sound like strange bedfellows to anyone unfamiliar with making homemade dog food. But providing they’re red and ripe and not green and ghastly, tomatoes are actually very good for dogs.

They’re high in fibre which is likely to benefit your best friend’s digestive system. They’re rich in antioxidants which means they can help stave off the likes of cancer and canine degenerative diseases. And they can help promote good muscle health, strong bones, a healthy heart and improve its skin and coat.

All the same things they can do for you in fact. Except the coat bit of course!

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While dogs and tomatoes go well together, there are just a couple of caveats. A couple of no-nos if you like.

No stems, no leaves, no tinned tomatoes (full of sugar, salt and othe nasties), and no tomato ketchup either. Ketchup is full of even more unfriendly dog nasties that would not benefit your pooch one little bit!

Those things aside, I’m all in favour of giving dogs tomatoes, skins and all. My dogs regularly have them in their homemade dog food. This beef recipe for dogs has toms in, as does this beef recipe. Of course it helps that I grow my own tomatoes because I’m rather fond of them myself.

As far as your dog is concerned though, tomatoes are low in both calories and fat. This makes them an excellent homemade dog food ingredient for any dog in need of losing a little weight. And they’re a good source of vitamins A, C and K together with potassium, chromium and manganese.

If you don’t already, I do hope you’ll consider adding tomatoes to your dog’s diet. They have a lot going for them in the canine goodness department!

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