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Bigging up the Brussels

I doubt there can be a more maligned vegetable in the Western world than the humble Brussels sprout. People either love them or hate them, and most children seem to hate them by default.

As a child, I used to love them, despite the fact that mum used to massively overcook them as was commonplace back then. I rather suspect that very fact could be responsible for the vegetable’s generally bad press today.

I grow my own, something I highly recommend. They’re tastier, fresher and don’t repeat on me like shop-bought sprouts. They’re also a major hit with my dogs!

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Sprouts don’t give my dogs wind

Despite what you may hear to the contrary, spouts don’t give my dogs wind, and trust me, they get rather a lot of them. So please don’t let that be the reason you’re still asking yourself the question, can I give my dog Brussels sprouts.

But the other major benefit of growing your own Brussels sprouts is that they produce the most nutritious outer leaves and tops that are generally discarded long before they reach the shops.

In the shop you see them as perfectly round bulbs even when you buy them on the stem. But as they grow they produce the most delicious leaves like collard greens or cabbage leaves.

Sweet and succulent, they’re highly nutritious. We love them, my dogs love them, everyone’s a winner as the nation’s favourite, Del Boy used to say!

Benefits of Brussels for dogs

Sprouts are simply brimming with goodness. Antioxidant, vitamin and mineral rich, they’re a terrific source of vitamins like vitamin C and K. They’re also a good source of fibre, which of course benefits the digestive system, and they’re good for your dog’s muscles and heart, circulation and bones. They’re also a good source of energy and have the ability to help fight cancer.

So please don’t be put off giving your dog these nutritious brassicas. My dogs certainly look forward to theirs. Don’t be one of those who continually asks, can I give my dog Brussels sprouts? Give them a go. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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