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Treat Your Wolf to Some Wolfberries

The Goji Berry might not be the first fruit to spring to mind when thinking of natural ingredients for homemade dog food.

But what if I told you an alternative name for this ancient Asian fruit was the Wolfberry. Spooky eh!

So now the only question is, can dogs eat goji berries?

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Goji Berries have been part of Asian cuisine and traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese medicine for approaching 2,000 years. Today they are considered a true superfood by many people in the West.

So as I was tucking into a handful of Goji Berries (these rather spooky Wolfberries) recently with my morning coffee, a question popped into my head. Can dogs eat Goji Berries? And guess what? It appears they can. And as with so many of the things I eat and enjoy, my dogs can eat and enjoy them too. (I recently added them to this beef recipe for dogs).

There has for some time been a big question mark over the claimed health benefits of Goji Berries. But a recent article in Medical News Today upholds the touted health claims.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, Goji Berries:

  • Help protect your dog’s skin and coat
  • Benefit its immune system
  • Help protect against cancer
  • Stabilize blood sugar which can benefit dogs with diabetes
  • Can help prevent liver damage

And aside from those benefits, Wolfberries add variety to your dog’s diet. And since research tells us that variety is a key principle in having a healthy dog, that makes them no bad thing in my book!

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