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Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

Can dogs eat blueberries? Well let’s just say that if there is one fruit above all others that has the potential to improve your dog’s health, it’s this colourful little berry.

Small they might be, but in the world of nature’s superfoods, they don’t get much bigger than blueberries!

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You know how they say that good things come in small parcels? Well that most definitely applies to blueberries, one of nature’s most nutrient-rich superfoods!

It seems like blueberries have been with us forever, doesn’t it? But actually, they weren’t cultivated commercially until the early part of the 20th century, and even then they’ve only become a staple within the last few decades.

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, those tiny food-borne molecules we hear so much about these days. Antioxidants take on the free radicals that cause the oxidative stress that leads to cancer, diabetes and age-related diseases such as dementia in our canine companions.

As well as benefiting your dog’s immune system and helping beat off those spiteful free radicals, blueberries also make an excellent low-calorie snack for your dog. I recommend chopping them in half and adding a few to your dog’s food bowl each day. Or, if you real want to spoil your best friend, what about adding a few blueberry halfs to some Greek yogurt for a really healthy snack?

So now you know. The answer to the question, can dogs eat blueberries is a resounding, yes!

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