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Eyeing Up Black Eyed Beans

Also known as black eyed peas or goat peas, black eyed beans are a hardy legume much used in African and American cooking.

The black ‘eye’ is actually a scar from where the bean was originally joined to its pod. There’s a relief, eh!

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Black eyed beans are high in protein and packed full of vitamins. In particular, vitamin B1 and B9. They’re also a rich source of iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc. Low in fat, sugar, cholesterol and calories but high in fibre and protein, these beans are packed with beneficial antioxidants. I suppose the question is though, can dogs eat black eyed beans?

These help maintain a healthy immune system and regulate blood sugar levels. This makes them ideal for dogs who suffer with diabetes.

Soak your dog’s black eyed beans overnight and rinse thoroughly before cooking without salt or seasoning. Add a handful of cooked beans to your dog’s regular meals once in a while.

Black eyed beans cannot permanently replace more appropriate, species-specific sources of protein such as meat and fish. But low-fat, protein-rich black eyed beans, combined with brown rice, can help an overweight dog feel fuller for longer. With your vet’s approval, providing one such meal per week should help your dog, over time, to regain control of his or her weight.

And of course they’re an excellent choice of plant-based protein for any dog fed a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Only feed your dog cooked, dried black eyed beans though. Raw black eyed beans are considered toxic to dogs. That said, the question as to whether or not dogs can eat black eyed beans is a definite yes providing they’re cooked!

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