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Brewers Yeast for Dogs

This particular yeast has nothing to do with brewing beer for dogs you’ll be pleased to hear. That said, you can buy grog for your dog, although quite why you would want to I’m not really sure!

No, Brewers Yeast for dogs is a protein, fibre, vitamin and mineral-rich micro-fungus. It’s an ingredient found in many nutritional and dietary supplements for humans and dogs, including my own Dog Chef Daily.

Dog Chef Daily

Plant-based 100% natural daily superfood supplement.
Dog nutritionist-approved.
No additives or preservatives.
Boosts the immune system.
Improves gut health.
Feed daily for best results.

Whenever I’m asked about dog food essentials, essential ingredients you should always keep in your dog food pantry, this particular micro-fungus is always one of the first things I mention. Brewers Yeast for dogs is a must in my book!

Brewers Yeast is an excellent source of B-complex vitamins. It’s also a good source of essential fatty acids along with chromium and selenium. From the perspect of anyone wishing to feed their dog a purely plant-based diet, it’s also a good source of protein.

Dogs, most dogs anyway, enjoy the taste of Brewers Yeast. It’s used a lot in commercial dog food to disguise food that would otherwise be unpalatable to most dogs.

On the plus side though Brewers Yeast for dogs is particularly beneficial for dry, itchy skin. It’s useful for keeping your dog’s skin and coat in good condition. And it can help boost your dog’s immune system and keep its liver in good working order. Because of its plethora of B-complex vitamins, it’s also said to benefit any canine sufferer of anxiety, and to help promote a good digestive system because of its richness in fibre.

It’s for all these reasons that I have included Brewers Yeast in Dog Chef Daily, my plant-based daily superfood supplement for dogs.

If you make homemade food for your dog, you'll need to supplement to make that food complete. My natural supplements are made in-house with canine nutritionist approved 100% natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives of any kind.


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