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Hints & Tips

Baking for your dog is all about having fun and can involve the whole family. With that in mind, here’s a few suggestions:

1. Enjoy

If you enjoy baking for your dog, your dog will enjoy you baking for it. Sounds simple I know, but it’s absolutely true. Dogs feed off our emotions. The more you put into baking for your pup, the more pleasure both of you will get out of the process.

2. Don’t panic

Trust me, your dog won’t mind if your megingues weep or your soufflés don’t rise. (Well, you know what I mean).

Your dog’s first taste is with its nose. If it smells good, whatever you bake is going to taste simply delicious to your dog!

3. Involve your dog

Baking for your dog is not just about the end result. The finished treat. For your dog, it’s very much about the journey.

So encourage your dog to join in with the process. Let your pup tongue-wash your mixing bowls and lick clean your wooden spoons.

Buy separate bowls and spoons if the thought of that troubles you. The more you involve your dog in the treat making process, the more enjoyment he or she will get out of it and the richer will be his or her day.

4. Use a baking mix

Using a baking mix will take a lot of the guesswork out of baking for your dog. And it’s a lot more convenient than buying in ingredients you might not need too often and risking wasting them!

And that’s it really. That’s how to bake for dogs. Involve your dog, don’t be overly concerned about how your dog’s treats look, and enjoy yourself.

Who’d have thought that how to bake for dogs could be so simple!