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Take Your Dog to Work Day

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June 25th this year represents a special day for tens of thousands of family dogs. Whether you’re a supporter of Take Your Dog To Work Day or Bring Your Dog To Work Day, from your dog’s perspective, it really doesn’t matter. It’s a win-win situation either way.

“Give it a name…” as they’re very fond of saying in that magnificent Hollywood movie, Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead.

Take Your Dog To Work Day

The first established of these two events, Take Your Dog To Work Day was created by Pet Sitters International (PSI) in North Carolina, USA. A professional pet-sitting association established in 1994, it represents some 7,000 independent professional pet sitters.

It’s said that America’s very first Take Your Dog to Work Day, held in 1999, was celebrated by an estimated 300 companies. Today’s it’s celebrated by many thousands of companies throughout the entire world.

Bring Your Dog To Work Day

The more recently created of these two annual events, Bring Your Dog To Work Day was established by pet product company HOWND®.

In addition to promoting a day out for dogs, it’s an annual nationwide event that helps raise money for canine charities.

Everyone’s a winner

Always celebrated the first Friday after Father’s Day, these two events have a massive impact on all concerned. For dogs who spend most of the working week at home alone, it’s a massively important day. In the companion animal sciences there’s a concept known as environmental behaviour. It’s something our resident canine nutritionist is particularly passionate about. It’s about finding ways of improving the lives of our pets. In this particular case, man’s best friend. Our dogs.

So from your dog’s perspective, sharing your workspace with you for the day is like a day out. Different people, different sounds, smells and experiences are all grist to the mill for your constant canine companion.

It’s an established fact that having a dog around the office or work place is good for human mental health as well as being beneficial for the dog. It’s relaxing, fun, sometimes entertaining and, well, just all round terrific.

Take plenty of dog treats

If, as I hope, you do take your dog to work on June 25, just remember to take some dog treats in case you need the occasional distraction. Homemade dog treats made with one of my dog treat baking mixes would definitely fit the bill.

So go on. Join the fun. And if you do, do please let me know how you get on!

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