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Spoil Your Dog Day

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Here at The Dog Chef I don’t need an excuse to spoil my dogs. What some people call spoiling dogs I consider engaging with dogs. You’re not spoiling your dog if you give it a treat or a cuddle. You’re engaging with it. Strengthening your relationship. Reinforcing the bond between you.

That said, if you really do want to spoil your dog in the traditional sense, August 10th is the day to do it. Because that is officially Spoil Your Dog Day, an event increasingly celebrated all across the world.

So if you really want to pamper your pooch on this special day, here’s a few suggestions.

Go the extra mile

It beggars belief that not every dog is walked every day. It’s estimated that as many as 40% of people never walk their dog. That is truly shocking! So if you do nothing else for your dog today, take it for a nice long walk.

And on the subject of walking. Don’t just ‘walk’ your dog. Engage with your dog when you walk. Talk to it, praise it, stroke it. Let it know you’re enjoying its company.

A walk is a huge thing in the life of a dog. Make it memorable. Ignore the weather. Switch off the mobile phone. Forget your problems. Go out with your dog and rejoice in your relationship!

Bake your dog treats

In my world, every day is treat day. Importantly though, my dogs only get healthy treats. That means no commercial made-in-a-huge-factory-in-China treats. I bake all my dogs’ treats just as I make all their food.

Liver Cake Training Treat Baking Mix

Bake your own healthy & 100% natural, wheat-free, gluten-free homemade dog treats!

To make it easier for you to reward your dog with healthy treats, I created my Bake & Treat dog treat baking mixes. Not everyone has the luxury of their own in-house dog nutritionist. So I had mine approve a number of dog treat baking mixes which contain all the necessary dog-safe dry ingredients.

Complete with simple instructions, they’re child’s play to make. And that’s one of their other benefits by the way. Because every ingredient used in my mixes is human grade as well as being dog-safe, they’re an ideal way to introduce children to baking. With limited ingredients and simple instructions, they’re easy to make and an excellent way of introducing children to the concept of looking after a pet as well.

Play with your dog

If you do nothing else on this special day, play with your dog. Your dog gives you so much. Give something back.

Don’t just throw a ball for your dog to chase. Make a fuss when he or she brings it back. Engage with your dog. Make yourself part of the game.

Showing your dog how much you’re enjoying the game will give he or she so much more enjoyment. Go on. Let your hair down. It is Spoil Your Dog Day after all!


And by the way, before I offend too many dog trainers, I don’t mean let your dog get away with blue murder when I talk in terms of spoiling a dog on Spoil Your Dog Day.

Giving a dog a day off from doing as he or she is asked is nothing short of irresponsible. Normal commands have to be adhered to for the safety of your dog.

Consistency is imperative with man’s best friend. Tell a dog it’s okay to simply walk across a road without sitting and staying one day and guess what he or she will do the next day and the next? No, rules are rules and basic obedience is essential whatever the day.

Whatever you do on this special day, make it fun but make it safe for your best friend!

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