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National Cook for Your Pets Day

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In my house, every day is National Cook for Your Pets Day

As someone who cooks for their pets every day, no one day is different from any other. And certainly not from the point of view of my two German Shepherd Dogs. Ask them and they’ll tell you that every day is cook for your pets day in our house. Officially though, 1st November every year is National Cook for Your Pets Day.

Cooking for your pet is about so much more than simply providing better nutrition for your pet than can be provided by commercial pet food. It’s about really caring for your pet. It’s about love. It’s about treating your pet just like every other member of your family and cooking for them.

Good nutrition is important

If you cook for yourself and the rest of your family, you will be aware of the importance of good nutrition. You will know that nothing beats fresh food. That if you want to remain healthy, you need to eat a wide variety of fresh natural produce.

It’s exactly the same with your companion animals. Nothing beats fresh food.

Behavioural enrichment

But nutrition aside, there is another reason why you really should considered making every day National Cook for Your Pets Day.

It’s the animal husbandry principle of behavioural enrichment. Also known as environmental enrichment, it’s something no commercial pet food manufacturer in the world can put in their packet, tin or pouch.

And yet it’s something you can do for your pet simply by putting on your pinny, chopping up some well-chosen fruit and vegetables and mixing them in with a good quality protein source.

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Food-based behavioural enrichment

Behavioural enrichment is about providing your companion animals with stimuli. Providing activities that will improve their lives. Mimicking in some way or another the life of their ancient ancestors in the wild. Few things are more important to your pet than food, and it’s with food that you have the greatest opportunity to improve the life of your dog or cat.

By making every day National Cook for Your Pets Day, you’ll not only improve their health by providing better food. You’ll add extra enjoyment to their lives because your dog or cat will enjoy the whole cooking process. The sounds, the smells, the sights of home cooked food which they’ll soon come to recognise as being for them.

I can tell you from personal experience that my dogs know when something I’m baking or cooking is for them. Their senses are heightened from the moment I start preparing for a baking or cooking session. Opening a bag or a tin of pet food is a fleeting experience for our companion animals. Cooking or baking however involves them becaused they know it’s for them.

Whether or not you’re happy to have them under your feet the whole time as I am, your dog, your cat, will enjoy the whole cooking or baking experience if you’ll join me and make every day National Cook for Your Pets Day.

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Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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