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What’s in Dog Treats?

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Question those commercial treats

If you’ve ever asked yourself what’s in dog treats, what dog treats are safe for your dog, what dog treats to avoid and what dog treats are bad for your dog, you’re far from alone. They’re questions more and more pet parents ask themself every time there’s a dog treat recall.

Your dog relies on you to make good decisions on his or her behalf. “I would urge any pet parent to think before opening another bag of commercial dog treats,” says my in house dog nutritionist. “Ask yourself what’s in them. Question where they were made and how they can be sold so cheaply. Because you’re not really rewarding your best friend if the dog treats you give are rammed to the gunwhales with additives and chemical preservatives. It’s not good enough to give your dog treats that could potentially be harming its health. Especially when you can provide natural dog treats that will improve its immune system and improve its health at the same time as rewarding good behaviour”.

Why homemade dog treats are best

Homemade dog treats don’t just reward your dog. They should be of sufficient nutritional value to provide energy and improve health at the same time. With 100% natural and healthy ingredients, dog treats should benefit your dog’s health. That’s one of the reasons I developed my Bake & Treat dog treat baking mixes. To make it easier for pet parents to give their dog healthy dog treats. Dog treats with recognisable, natural ingredients. Dog treats that are easy to bake, tasty and sufficiently nutritious as to benefit a dog’s health.

Variety is key

Dogs can enjoy and benefit from a huge range of ingredients. And just as variety is one of the keys to good human health, it’s also an essential component of good dog health. Commercial dog treats are the equivalent of human junk food. They’re made with inferior ingredients and laced with preservatives that allow them to sit on a shelf for eighteen months and more.

If you want your best friend to live a long, healthy and happy live, please give this some thought!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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