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Tuna Dog Treats

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Because dogs love tuna

Our Tuna Bites training treat baking mix is one of our original dog treat baking mixes. It allows you to bake homemade tuna dog treats for your dog, safe in the knowledge that the finished treats are 100% healthy and safe.

100% natural

Made only with 100% natural ingredients, every mix has been designed by our in-house dog nutritionist, an expert in the field of natural dog nutrition.

The problem with tuna in dog treats is of course the fact that they can be messy. We’ve all experienced that. And they smell a bit too. But that’s where our dog treats are different.

Our Tuna dog treats are made with dried tuna. Premium Atlantic skipjack tuna smoked and dried into flakes. So there’s no chance of them messing up your clothes or stinking out your car on the way to a training session.

Importantly, from your dog’s perspective, they still smell and taste like real tuna. So your best friend will train just as hard as if you were offering a piece of wet slimey tuna straight from the tin.

Tuna Training Treat Baking Mix

Healthy & 100% natural, wheat-free homemade dog treats!

Human grade ingredients

Of course another advantage of making tuna dog treats with our Tuna Training Treat Baking Mix is that every single ingredient is human grade. That means the finished treats are not only safe and healthy for your dog, but you can eat them too.

Our resident dog nutritionist is actually very fond of them himself. Rather too fond judging from the look on the faces of our in-house canine treat sampling crew on occasion. Just as well we’ve always got plenty in the oven!

We hope you’ll try our tuna dog treats with your dog. And if you do, please be sure to let us know.


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