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A Long Way From Home

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The birth of the modern dog treat

There was a time when treats for dogs would have amounted to little more than the odd crust of bread or the occasional piece of bacon rind surreptitiously slid beneath the table when mum and dad were looking the other way.

How times have changed. Twenty years into the 21st century, when we all regard our dogs as fully paid-up members of our family, the term dog treats has taken on a different meaning entirely.

Today, it’s estimated that more than 50% of all dog owners regularly feed their dog treats. It seems a great many of us are more than happy to indulge our children these days. And that applies to both our human and our canine children.

And while that statistic might seem extravagant to some, in my experience it’s a huge underestimation. With more and more pet parents taking training courses with their pups these days, treats, and training treats in particular, seem to have become almost de rigueur.

Dog treats are more than just food

Okay, some would argue that treats are not essential to a dog’s diet. But those who would promote that argument overlook something fundamental to man’s relationship with the animal who has become his best friend.

Treats for dogs are not just a way of rewarding your dog. They are more than just another part of your dog’s diet.

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They’re a way of reinforcing that bond between man and beast. They’re a way of saying “thank you for being my friend”. “Thank you for standing by my side through thick and thin.” “Thank you for being there when I need you.”

That’s what rewarding your dog with a treat is about. It’s not just for a job well done. It’s a way of letting your dog know just how much he or she means to you.

Dog treats are health food

Early commercial dog treats were small, hard, invariably bone-shaped biscuits known as hardtack. Today they come in all manner of shapes and sizes, colours and flavours.

Many today also come with built-in health benefits in terms of added vitamins and minerals. As we learn more and more about the digestive capabilities of man’s best friend, they also made with an increasingly wider variety of natural ingredients. Ingredients which provide vitamins and minerals for your dog and mine, in a natural and healthy way.

So here’s to the continued growth of treats for dogs. Watch this space as we continue to introduce to our fellow dog lovers more and more natural and healthy dog treats in the form of our Bake & Treat dog treat baking mixes.

We are all of us just at the very beginning of a wonderful journey. I hope you and your dog will join us!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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