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Dog Treat, Anyone?

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Dogs and humans can share the same food

Treats for dogs and humans may sound like a strange concept, but is it really?

Dogs and humans have shared the same food for approaching 15,000 years. Ever since man first began to domesticate the ancestor of the grey wolf all that time ago, man and dog have shared the same food resources. In fact it’s one of the reasons certain grey wolves were willing to come out of the cold in the first place.

Man offered shelter, protection and food. Those particularly domesticable wolves knew that wherever man was, there would be a ready supply of sustenance. Sustenance by way of shared spoils from the hunt or food left over from man’s dinner table that might be gifted or scavenged. Either way, since those days and for many cultures, treats for dogs and humans have been one and the same thing.

Dogs are omnivores

During those thousands of years, the digestive system of man’s best friend has adapted to benefit from many of the same foodstuffs enjoyed by human beings. Like their human counterparts, dogs are omnivores. They’re able to extract nutrients from both animal and plant sources.

I’m not talking about feeding dogs tables scraps per se. But many of our own foodstuffs can be shared with our canine companions in one way or another.

My dog treat mixes make it easy to make treats for dogs and humans. They make dog treats so healthy that both you and your dog can enjoy and benefit from them. Approved by my in-house dog nutritionist, they’re made with 100% natural ingredients.

Fresh Breath Biscuit Baking Mix

Bake your own healthy & 100% natural, wheat-free, plant-based homemade dog treats!

Every one of them is dog-safe and fit for human consumption. They’re healthy and natural and made without additives or preservatives of any kind. At The Dog Chef, my dogs eat them and I eat them too. In fact my canine nutritionist is so fanatical about the dog treat baking mixes he oversees, he tastes every one of them before ever they’re sampled by my dogs. He’s even been known to get so carried away with his own sampling, I’ve had to make another batch for my dogs!

Try your dog’s treats

I urge you to try your dog’s treats. I think of the treats made with my dog treat baking mixes as share-and-share-alike treats. Okay, they’re made for your dog, but there’s no reason why your dog should have all the fun. With no salt and no sugar, no additives and no preservatives, they’re far healthier than the average human treat.

Don’t take my word for it. Try them for yourselves. Just see if my Fresh Breath Bone Biscuit isn’t all that I say it is. Try them with a hunk of cheese and then tell me treats for dogs and humans is such a crazy idea after all!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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