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Training Treats for Dogs

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Dogs are never too old to learn

No matter how old your dog is, he or she is never too old to learn. I know this contradicts the popular saying, but it’s true. You should train your pup from day one, and his or her training should effectively never end.

That’s where training treats for dogs come in. Dogs are motivated to do what they enjoy. But that doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes need a little extra encouragement to ‘enjoy’ the right thing!

And by the way, dog training is not simply about sits and stays and walking to heel. Dogs love to be given jobs to do. Those jobs are all part of training.

Fetching the mail, carrying little messages between family members, giving you the nod when dinner’s ready. These things are easily trainable. True. My Marco does all these things and more!

Importantly, they are also enjoyable for your dog. Especially if there’s a treat on offer at the end of it!

Dog treats are bond builders

An aspect greatly underappreciated by many people is that dog treats help create and nurture that all-important bond between you and your dog. They’re bond builders. It doesn’t matter if, from the point of view of your dog, he or she is looking after his or her own self interest in doing as you ask. It doesn’t matter why or how a dog treat improves that bond between the two of you. It only matters that it does.

So if you reward your dog with a treat for coming when called, it doesn’t matter in the early stages of training if your dog only returns to benefit from the treat. Because eventually, your dog will return because he or she wants to. Because you’ve cemented that bond between you that is the ultimate aim of rewarding your dog with a treat in the first place.

Please, please don’t ever discount those training treats for dogs!

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