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It’s Better to Give …

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The benefits of homemade dog treats

We’re all familiar with the phrase it’s better to give than to receive. And it’s a phrase which is particularly relevant to rewarding a dog with homemade dog treats. Because it’s not simply the fact that homemade dog treats are infinitely healthier than mass-produced commercial dog treats. And it’s not just the fact that dogs enjoy dog treats. But the very act of giving also makes us feel good. And I can say from years of experience, the act of giving something that you personally have made is even more rewarding still!

It’s easy to open a bag of commercial dog treats and feed one to your dog. It’s not healthy, it’s not particularly satisfying, but it’s easy. But what is truly satisfying is giving your dog a treat that you have made yourself. A treat that you’ve made specifically for your best friend. There’s a huge amount of satisfaction to be gained from knowing that the dog treat you’ve made with love is about to be enjoyed by the animal who in turn gives you his or her unconditional love every single day.

The benefits of homemade dog treats don’t end there of course.

Healthier ingredients

Homemade dog treats, especially when made with my Bake & Treat dog treat baking mixes, are infinitely healthier than commercial dog treats. They contain only 100% natural ingredients. They don’t have an extended shelf-life so they don’t contain unhealthy preservatives. And because they’re 100% natural, they contain no additives or chemicals of any kind. Just perfectly natural goodness that enhances your dog’s immune system and improves his or her health.

Safer dog treats

When you make homemade dog treats, you know exactly what’s gone into them. Every year, there are dozens of pet food recalls because of contaminated ingredients. Over time, thousands of dogs have died and many more made unwell through unhealthy commercial dog treats.

Every one of my dog treat mixes on the other hand is made with 100% natural ingredients. So your dog’s treats are guaranteed to be perfectly safe for your best friend. And every one of them has been approved by my in-house dog nutritionist. So you know they’re 100% dog safe.

Dopamine-rich dog treats

You won’t find dopamine listed as an ingredient in my dog treat baking mixes, but it’s right there in every packet. Dopamine is a brain chemical that makes us feel good about ourselves. Making homemade dog treats makes our dogs happy. This in turn releases dopamine in our brain which then makes us happy. Now that is definitely not something you’ll find in a bag of commercial dog treats!

So there you have it. Just some of the benefits of homemade dog treats. Which just goes to prove that, where our dogs are concerned, it is definitely better to give than receive!

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