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Making Homemade Dog Treats

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I make homemade dog treats

Making homemade dog treats is what I do. It’s my raison d’être. I do it every day of the week. The history of baking is said to go back some 6,500 years. I’m not saying we’ve been around since then, or that baking dog treats necessarily goes back that far… but I think you get the picture!

That said, for anyone not familiar with home baking it can be quite a daunting prospect. Besides, isn’t it much easier to go the supermarket and buy a cake, or, in this case, a bag of homemade dog treats?

What’s in commercial dog treats?

Well, yes, it is. But the thing about buying a bag of ready-made dog treats is that you have absolutely no way of knowing what’s in them. I mean what’s really in them.

It’s all very well being told a bag of dog treats contains chicken for example. But what kind of chicken? What part of the chicken? Where was the chicken reared? What was it fed on?

Believe me, there is absolutely no comparison between the chicken you and I might eat for Sunday dinner and the chicken found in a commercial dog treat. And that always supposes you can find the chicken in the first place!

Then again, manufacturers skirt round the subject of the chemicals, the additives and preservatives that have gone into the making of their treats. They overlook the manufacturing processes which see their already questionable ingredients denatured before being reconstructed and artificially made to look like something that vaguely resembles food.

You also need to ask yourself a few questions. Where were those commercial dog treats made? Almost certainly in some far-flung country whose hygiene standards and wage levels are considerably lower than ours. How else do you think a manufacturer can make, transport and sell a bag of ready-made dog treats so cheaply?

You need to know what’s in your dog’s treats

No, if you really love your dog you need to know what’s in those dog treats. You’re not rewarding your dog if you feed it unhealthy treats made with synthetic ingredients. It’s that amongst other things that prompted me to create my Bake & Treat range of dog treat baking mixes. 100% natural, easy-to-bake mixes that will allow you to make nutritious and healthy homemade dog treats with a minimum of ingredients and fuss.

You could of course go online and find a receipe for homemade dog treats, but how can you be sure they’re safe for your best friend?

A better way of making homemade dog treats

Mine are approved by my in-house dog nutritionist. Every ingredient used is 100% natural, dog-safe and human grade. That means my treats are safe for both you and your dog to eat. Where else have you heard that said about homemade dog treats?

Every ingredient also offers important health benefits for your best friend. Superfood ingredients such as spirulina and gotu kola, chia seeds and ashwagandha.

So if you feel inclined to have a go at making homemade dog treats, do please give my dog treat mixes a go. And do please let me know how you get on. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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