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Make Your Own Dog Treats

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Pet food recalls

How to make your own dog treats is something an inceasing number of pet parents investigate every time there’s a dog food recall. And with good reason!

The biggest pet food recall in history came in 2007. Contaminated ingredients from China infiltrated the pet food chain and cost the lives of thousands of dogs. While nothing on that scale has occcurred since, there continue to be dozens of pet food and pet treat recalls every year in the UK. Salmonella, mould and unhealthy contaminants are amongst the biggest causes of those recalls.

One of the issues highlighted by the 2007 pet food recall was the potential for a catastrophic pet food disaster. In that case, one single manufacturing facility was making pet food for more than 100 different brands. Now that doesn’t bear thinking about. Dog parents tend to think of their dog’s food or treats being made by the company marketing that particular brand. That however is frequently not the case.

In the case of the 2007 recall, more than 5,300 different products from over 100 brands were affected. Because they were all being made using the same ingredients at the same manufacturing facility. Now that is truly shocking. How do pet parents really know what they’re buying and who they’re buying it from when one single manufacturing plant is making that many products?

Take the guesswork out of your dog’s treats

When you learn how to make treats for dogs, you take all the guesswork out of the history of the way you reward your best friend. Especially if you make them using one of our dog treat mixes.

Every one of our dog treat baking mixes has been created and approved by our resident dog nutritionist. Each ingredient is both dog-safe and fit for human consumption. Every single dog treat recipe is tried and tested. Our dog nutritionist insists on sampling every single treat before ever they are tried on our dogs. He’s even been known to be so happy with them, we’ve had to make another batch for our canine tasting team to try. Now that’s dedication!

So if you want to make your own dog treats, without having to source your own recipes and your own ingredients, look no further. Our dog treat mixes contain all the necessary dry ingredients to make healthy treats for your dog.

Not only that, they’re so healthy, you can eat them too. If you dog will let you that is!


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