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Help Your Child to Bake

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Encourage your child to bake

What better way to encourage your child to learn to bake than with my kids baking subscription box? They’ll be all the more encouraged to learn to bake because he or she will be baking for their pet. A pet who for many children is their best friend in the whole world!

My dog treat baking mixes subscription service is, as far as I am aware, the first of its kind anywhere in the world. Certainly it’s the first in the UK.

At The Dog Chef I have many years experience of making healthy and natural dog treats.

Ably assisted by my in-house dog nutritionist, I specialize in making dog treats that are made only with 100% natural ingredients. Healthy dog treats without any synthetic ingredients whatsoever. No additives, no fillers, no by-products, no preservatives and certainly no synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Now I’m able to bring this experience to you and your children with my monthly dog treat baking mix subscription box service. Dog treat baking mixes that are 100% natural. Dog treat baking mixes that will allow your child to bake them in complete safety because every single ingredient is not only dog-safe, they’re child-safe as well.

Why? Because every single ingredient used in any of my dog treat baking mixes is human grade quality which means they’ve been passed fit for human consumption. So your dog can eat, enjoy and benefit from these homemade dog treats as can you and your child. How cool is that?

Fresh Breath Biscuit Baking Mix

Bake your own healthy & 100% natural, wheat-free, plant-based homemade dog treats!

Teaching aid for children

I like to think that my kids baking subscription box could become a real teaching aid moving forward. Each monthly box contains three separate mixes. Each mix contains all the dry ingredients required, together with detailed baking instructions. Some will also include the occasional requirement for a supplementary ingredient. Ingredients that are best bought fresh such as a banana or an egg. Nothing complicated, I promise.

Every one of these, as with the dry ingredients provided, will be safe and healthy for your child to eat. And trust me, when you see how appetizing these treats look when they’re made, you and your kids will want to try them!

My dog treat subscription service will allow your child to make natural and healthy treats for their dog. Will learn to bake at the same time as learning how to look after their best friend.

As I’m rather fond of saying, just how cool is that!

Please keep me posted

By the way, if your child does learn to bake with my kids baking subscription box, I would dearly love to hear all about it. I absolutely love my dogs, and nothing pleases me more than knowing that I’ve helped someone improve the health of their best friend. Especially when, at the same time, it has helped provide someone with a life skill that will benefit them forever.

So do please keep me posted, post on social media, etc. I’m really looking forward to discovering how your child is getting on!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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