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Dog treats explained

The term human grade dog treats could have a number of connotations. It could imply that the dog treats in question are of human grade quality. In other words, they’re dog treats but they’re made with ingredients which have been passed fit for human consumption. So they’re made for dogs but you could eat them too if you wanted.

Or it could simply mean that the dog treats in question are made with human grade ingredients instead of feed grade ingredients. If they were made of feed grade ingredients, your dog could eat them but you couldn’t.

Dog treats both you and your dog can enjoy

Our dog treats most certainly fall into the category of being consumable by both you and your dog. They’re made for dogs, but also perfectly safe for humans to eat. How many commercial dog treat manufacturers can say that, I wonder?

The treats pictured above are a case in point. Naturally, our dogs are more than happy to eat the whole biscuit. But we at The Dog Chef just happen to find them extremely tasty with a hunk of mature cheddar. So we tend to give our dogs the bone and we eat the rest. We like to call them ‘share-and-share-alike’ dog treats!

At The Dog Chef, we’re passionate about dogs. We firmly believe that dogs should only be fed with high quality ingredients which have been passed fit for human consumption. That applies to both their food and to their treats. There’s nothing we feed to our own dogs that we could not eat ourselves if we so chose. That same philosophy also applies to our dog treat mixes. There’s nothing in them that would stop you eating them if you wanted to.

Our USP is “dog treats so healthy, you can eat them too!” And that’s why we’re always more than happy to sample the treats made with our dog treat mixes before ever we give them to our dogs to try.

Dog nutritionist-approved dog treats

Our resident dog nutritionist in particular makes a point of regularly ‘sampling the inventory’, as he likes to put it. That said, he sometimes carries things a little too far. Not for the first time we recently had to make a second batch of one of our dog treats for our dogs to sample after a certain someone took the terms of his job description a little too far and scoffed the lot!

So if it’s important to you that you give your dog only human grade dog treats, you’ve come to the right place. Making dog treat mixes for healthy and natural, human grade dog treats is what we do. We enjoy them, our dogs enjoy them, we sincerely hope that you and your dog will enjoy them too.


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