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How to Make Dog Treats

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How to make your own dog treats is a popular search term among pet parents looking to take control of how they reward their pet. They’ve come to realise that making their own dog treats offers a number of very real advantages over shop-bought dog treats.

More control

There is no doubt that making homemade dog treats offers considerably more control over how a dog is rewarded. If you make homemade dog treats, you know exactly what’s in them.

If, for example, the ingredients of a commercial dog treat include the likes of beef meal, glycerine, chicken meal, minerals and gelatine, are you really any the wiser as to what’s in that dog treat?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), meat meal comes about as the result of “a process of using high temperature and pressure to convert whole animal and poultry carcasses or their by-products with no or very low value to safe, nutritional, and economically valuable products. It is a combination of mixing, cooking, pressurizing, fat melting, water evaporation, microbial and enzyme inactivation.”

All sounds very natural don’t you think!!

Note the use of “no or very low value.” In other words, meat meal has no value because it’s rubbish. It’s a waste by-product of the human food industry.

It in turn will be combined with other waste products of human food production, turned into unhealthy dog treats, and put in a flashy bag which actually costs the manufacturer more than the contents it contains. And then it will be sold to unwitting consumers to reward their unfortunate dogs, dressed up as food when it’s actually nothing of the sort.

Liver Cake Training Treat Baking Mix

Bake your own healthy & 100% natural, wheat-free, gluten-free homemade dog treats!

The well-respected website Truth About Pet Food correctly points out, “beef meal or chicken meal might have parts of a cow and parts of a chicken in it, but it’s not necessarily the same kind of beef or chicken as in human food. Not even close.”

Do they sound like the kind of ingredients you want to being rewarding your best friend with?

Parental satisfaction

Another huge benefit of learning how to make your own dog treats stems from the satisfaction of making something for your dog rather than simply feeding it from a packet.

When you make homemade dog treats for your dog, you add a lot of yourself into the treats. You put your heart and soul into them because you’re making them for your best friend.

There’s a world of difference between a commercial dog treat and rewarding your dog with a treat you’ve actually made yourself.

Environmental enrichment

Environmental enrichment is also known as behavioural enrichment. It’s a term used in the animal sciences to encompass ways of improving the lives of our companion animals. Making their lives happier. Providing them with satisfying distractions or improving their lives by involving them in the things we do.

When you make homemade dog treats for your canine pal, he or she will be involved in the entire process.

Dogs know your routines. Your dog will know by the sights, sounds and smells that you are baking something for them. They may not be physically contributing to the process. Unless of course you consider tongue-washing mixing bowls and fervently licking wooden spoons a contribution. But they will be with you every step of the way nonetheless. Enjoying every minute of the process from prepping ingredients through to sampling the finished product.

How to make dog treats the easy way

Because not everyone today has the time to source the ingredients and bake for their dog, I’ve come up with the ideal solution. They’re called Bake & Treat dog treat baking mixes. They’re ready-prepared dog treat mixes which contain all the necessary dry ingredients. Sometimes they might need the odd supplemental ingredient or two. But generally that will be limited to an egg or a dash of olive oil. The kind of supplemental ingredient you’ll find in just about every kitchen.

Most can be made in minutes. They’re made with 100% natural ingredients, and every one allows you to reward your dog at the same time as improving its health.

Dog nutritionist approved dog treats

Created by me and approved by my resident dog nutritionist, you know they’re completely dog-safe. And because the finished dog treats are made using only 100% natural ingredients, you and your entire family can eat and enjoy them too if you like.

Come on now. How many dog treats can you say that about?

I do hope you’ll give my dog treat mixes a try. And don’t forget. I’m really, really looking forward to photos of you and your family enjoying your dog’s treats!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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