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Easy Bake & Treat

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How to make homemade dog treats

How to make homemade dog treats is something most pet parents will ask themselves at some point in the life of their pup. Yes, even me many years ago.

That’s how I stumbled upon the idea of Bake & Treat dog treat baking mixes. Because I, like so many before me, found the prospect of making homemade dog treats more than a little daunting.

Okay, I had a head start. My husband is a canine nutritionist. An expert in dog nutrition who specializes in creating recipes for healthy homemade dog food. Without that, I really would have struggled to find dog treat recipes I was truly comfortable feeding to my dogs.

What constitutes a dog treat?

Part of the problem for many people is understanding what makes a dog treat. Dogs have been part of man’s life for thousands of years. Man’s best friend may have started out a carnivore, but he is now, like us, officially an omnivore. That is to say that he, like you and I, can both enjoy and benefit from plant as well as animal material. To some extent, he always did in fact!

So the term ‘natural dog treat‘ does not mean the treat has to be made of meat. Dogs always ate plants. In some parts of the world in fact, dogs rarely ate anything other than plant material.

Liver Cake Training Treat Baking Mix

Bake your own healthy & 100% natural, wheat-free, gluten-free homemade dog treats!

So dog treats do not need to be made of animal protein. They can be of course, just as they can contain a combination of animal protein and plant-based ingredients. But a dog treat does not need to be derived from an animal to be natural and healthy.

Dog treats you can enjoy too

My dog nutritionist husband insists on testing every single recipe he makes for dogs. Every last one of them. Like any good chef, he likes to know the quality of the food he’s sending out of his kitchen. So for him, making sure that a dog treat is both dog-safe and fit for human consumption is a walk in the park if you take my meaning.

Every single ingredient in my dog treat baking mixes is both safe for your dog and of human grade quality. We’ve already established that man and dog have eaten the same food ever since man first domesticated the dog some fifteen thousand years ago. So what’s new?

But making sure that a dog treat is safe for your dog to eat, beneficial to the health of your best friend and good enough for you and I to eat all at the same time is a real art.

But that’s just what I have done. I’ve combined ingredients that are healthy for both you and your dog, at the same time as tasting great to both of us. Can you imagine how difficult that is to achieve? But I have done just that!

The perfect combination

I’ve combined ingredients which are:

  • 100% natural with no synthetic ingredients whatsoever
  • Beneficial to the health of your dog
  • Good for your own health
  • Nutritious and tasty for both you and your best friend

And I’ve combined these elements in a number of dog treat baking mixes such as my Fresh Breath Bone Biscuit Mix. Containing rolled oats, mint and oat flour, it has all the dry ingredients required to make a really healthy and tasty dog treat that I personally thoroughly enjoy with a hunk of mature cheddar.

Best of all, the recipe contains no salt, no sugar, no additives and no preservatives. With the addition of one egg and a little water, you’ll have a homemade dog treat that will be both healthy and enjoyable for you to eat as well as your canine companion.

Just make sure you clear it with your dog first though. Some dogs can be a little miffed about us humans snaffling their treats without asking!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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