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High Value Dog Treats

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A dog treat has to be rewarding

Think about it for a moment.

You want your dog to perform at the very highest level. It might be a simple recall – which, when you think about it, is actually not so simple at all. Certainly not if you’re trying to train a puppy. Or you might by introducing your dog to the growing sport of scentwork, whereby you and your dog work together to track a particular scent.

Whatever it is, you want to give your dog a reason to work. You want to make it worth his or her while. You want to reward them with high value dog treats!

Dogs are far more sensible than human beings. They just have it right. They, via their distant ancestor the grey wolf, had the game of life worked out long before human beings came on the scene. Dogs don’t do anything for nothing, and why would they?

No, if you want your dog to work, really work, you need to increase the stakes. You need to up the ante. You need to use high reward, high value dog treats that will really make it worthwhile your dog getting out of bed.

A dog treat has to be memorable

Just as importantly, if you want your dog to remember that trick or command, you want to reward it with a memorable treat. So that the next time you ask your best friend to jump through that hoop or to ignore a couple of potential playmates in the park, he or she thinks ‘liver cake‘ and does exactly as you’ve asked.

Liver cake is a fairly obvious choice when you think in terms of high value dog treats. Dogs love its smell. They love its taste. They instinctively know liver is good for them. What’s not to like about dog liver treats for training?

Liver Cake Training Treat Baking Mix

Bake your own healthy & 100% natural, wheat-free, gluten-free homemade dog treats!

The thing about liver cake though is that it can be smelly to cook, which is not to everyone’s taste. And it can be rather messy in the treat pouch or pocket. That’s where my Liver Cake Training Treat Mix really comes into its own.

No fuss, no mess

Apart from anything else, I’ve done all the messy work for you. I’ve taken locally reared, grass-fed British beef liver, dehydrated it and ground it into a fine powder. I’ve combined it with coconut flour and tapioca flour to create a dry mix ready for you to make high quality, 100% natural homemade dog treats.

Traditional liver cake dog treats also tend to be a bit messy. A bit sticky. So despite the fact that liver cake is the ideal training treat, traditional liver cake dog treats are less than ideal because they’re so inconvenient.

That’s not the case with my liver cake dog treats though. My process means the finished dog treats are completely dry to the touch. So no problem with sticky hands and messy clothes.

Try them yourself and let me know how you get on. I’ve received some brilliant reviews from dog breeders and trainers. Why not see if they work for you and your pup?

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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