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For the Canine Gourmet

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Gourmet dog treats may sound like a strange concept to some, but certainly not to those of us at The Dog Chef. In fact you could argue we specialise in gourmet dog treats.

We use only the finest quality, human grade ingredients. We combine those ingredients in interesting and unusual ways. And we make sure the dog treats made with our dog treat mixes look good enough for even the most sophisticated canine foodie to appreciate.

Healthy ingredients

Certain ingredients are common in dog treats. Liver would be a prime example, as would be peanut butter. But there are so many more interesting, natural and healthy ingredients that your dog could be enjoying in his or her dog treats.

Mint, alfalfa and brewers yeast are three personal favourites for our in-house dog nutritionist. He uses them a lot in his recipes for homemade dog food. Kelp, spirulina, barleygrass, ashwagandha and chlorella are a few more of his favourites. As an expert in canine nutrition, he has a real thing about using herbs and spice in both dog food and dog treats.

Unique recipes

With the enormous range of dog nutritionist-approved, dog-safe ingredients at our disposal, we are able to create unique and unusual gourmet dog treats unavailable anywhere else.

We have the knowledge and the passion to create dog treats that your dog will both enjoy and benefit from. And that’s one of the things that differentiates us from anyone else.

We don’t use synthetic ingredients. So you won’t find any fillers or unnatural preservatives in our dog treat mixes. Every ingredient is there for good reason. Because, apart from adding to the flavour of the finished dog treat, it also offers your best friend added health benefits.

Easy to make

In addition to being unusual and healthy, our dog treat mixes make homemade dog treats easy to make. We’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve sourced 100% natural and healthy ingredients. Our team has worked tirelessly to create unique recipes that your dog can enjoy and benefit from. And we’ve put them all together in a packet which contains all the dry ingredients required. All you have to do is add the occasional supplementary ingredient such as an egg or a little olive oil, and bake.

And if you want to try your dog’s treats as well, we’ve got that covered too. Every ingredient is human grade and has been passed fit for human consumption. That means that if you’re so minded, you and the whole family can enjoy your dog’s treats. Perhaps you’re best asking first though. Some dogs can be a little precious when it comes to our gourmet dog treats!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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