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Dog Treat or Cookie?

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Dog treats come in all shapes and sizes in today’s world. That is great. I am all for giving dogs variety at The Dog Chef. It’s been proven that it’s good for them. But sometimes I feel a clearer distinction needs to be made between dog treats and dog cookies. Dog treats or cookies, which are which and what’s the difference?

Dog treats

My Liver Cake Baking Mix is a case in point. It makes 100% natural training treats. Functional treats. Dog treats that serve a purpose. They’re soft, which is just perfect for puppy training. Better for keeping your young dog focused.

They’re smelly for your dog without being pongy for you. In other words, your dog will detect that strong smell of liver whereas you will hardly notice the smell at all. That makes them ideal if you happen to have a sensitivity towards the smell of liver as do so many people.

And they’re non-greasy. Unlike normal liver dog treats, you won’t get your fingers, your hands or your pockets messy.

So there’s an example of the perfect dog treat. The quintessential functional dog training treat. A treat designed to appeal to your dog’s most accute senses. Its taste and its sense of smell. Not something designed to appeal mainly to the human eye, a key differentiator between a dog treat and a dog cookie as you’ll read more about below.

Liver Cake Training Treat Baking Mix

Bake your own healthy & 100% natural, wheat-free, gluten-free homemade dog treats!

Dog cookies

Dog cookies differ considerably from functional dog treats, although so many confuse the two. A treat is a reward, a reward in dog and puppy training terms for following a specific command. For doing as you ask.

A cookie on the other hand is more like a cake. Something you and I would enjoy with a cup or a mug of our favourite beverage while relaxing on the beach or sitting in front of the TV.

A cookie is something to be savoured. Something to be taken time over. It’s an indulgence rather than a reward. And you don’t take a pouch full of cookies to puppy training for obvious reasons.

Cookies are too big to be used as training treats for starters. A small dog especially is going to be full up after a couple of cookies. Hardly highly motivated to continue working for you when its belly is full to bursting.

Then again the texture of a dog cookie is not right for training. Cookies tend to be more like crunchy biscuits than the ideal training treat which is relatively soft and easily digestible.

That coupled with their size dictates that your pup is going to be focused on eating the cookie rather than downing the training treat and being ready for the next command. You want your young pup or dog to enjoy and quickly devour the treat and think, “that was great. Now what do I have to do to get the next one?”

And not to think, “that was most enjoyable. Time for a nap me thinks!”

Cookies are made for humans

Dogs are colour vision impaired. What most people think of as being colour blind. They see colours, but not in the same way as you and I. So the reason most dog cookies are brighly coloured is not to appeal to your constant canine companion, but to you. Only humans buy with their eyes. Dogs on the other hand buy with their noses!

So next time you go shopping for dog treats for your dog, perhaps think about that distinction. Perhaps think also about the ingredients in those treats or cookies.

Try to buy treats that are not only made with dog-safe, human-grade ingredients, but ingredients that do more than simply reward your dog. Treats that contain ingredients proven to be healthy to man’s best friend. Treats overseen by a dog nutritionist. A specialist in what’s good for dogs and what ingredients are both safe for dogs and beneficial to canine health.

Importantly, you need to know exactly what’s in your dog’s treats. That’s one of the benefits of my dog treat baking mixes. They’ve been approved by my in-house dog nutritionist with a small number of highly recognizable and beneficial ingredients. You know what’s in them and you know they’re doing your dog good.

There are no additives or preservatives. No hidden nasties. Just 100% natural goodness. They’re hand-blended in my own kitchens by myself and my team with ingredients you’ll know and recognise. They’re not made in a factory across the other side of the world with inferior ingredients and cheap by-products.

Why not give my dog treat training mixes a try? And do please let me know how you get on. I’ve had some excellent reviews and I’d like to please you and your dog too!

Baking and Cooking for Dogs

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