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Dog Treats and Food Allergies

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Food allergies

Food allergies in dogs are actually pretty rare. When a food allergy does occur, it’s more likely to be an allergic reaction to a protein than anything else. Even that needs to be qualified though.

If for example a dog has an allergic reaction to chicken in commercial dog food, it doesn’t mean to say the dog is allergic to chicken per se. You cannot compare the chicken used in dry dog food with real chicken. They are simply not one and the same thing. If a dog does have a reaction to a commercial dog food chicken menu, that reaction is most likely caused by highly-processed, low-quality ingredients, not to chicken itself.

More common is a dog food intolerance. A reaction that builds up over time. The kind of reaction any of us can develop if fed exactly the same thing day in, day out, for the entirety of our lives. That is why variety is paramount in the canine diet, according to our resident dog nutritionist, an expert on how to feed a dog a healthy diet.

Treats for dogs with allergies

So finding dog treats for dogs with food allergies is not that difficult. You want a dog treat that is natural and healthy to begin with. One made with 100% natural ingredients. One that contains no additives or preservatives. And ideally it would be one that you make yourself so you know exactly what you’re feeding your best friend. Let’s face it. A treat is hardly a treat if it’s going to make your best friend unwell!

The answer is Bake & Treat dog treat mixes from The Dog Chef. Created by our in-house canine nutritionist, they are made only with 100% natural ingredients. They have no additives, preservatives or anything synthetic ingredients of any kind. Our dog treats contain none of the common triggers for a dog food related reaction. The treats made with our dog treat mixes truly are dog treats for dogs with food allergies.


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