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Spoil Your Pooch This Christmas

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No secret

It’s no secret that my dogs are my world. I’m nuts about them. I love spoiling them, and if I didn’t, then quite frankly The Dog Chef simply wouldn’t exist. TDC only came about because of my passion for feeding my dogs well. Understanding the importance of good nutrition, I make everything for them. Their treats, their meals and even their supplements!

As much as I love and spoil my dogs though, I’m always at a loss for little stocking fillers for them for Christmas. Little things that don’t cost their earth that I know they will really appreciate.

It’s better to give

The thing about giving presents of course is that it makes us feel better. Yes, the idea of giving presents is to please the receiver because as human beings, we’re programmed to please. But the act of giving also gives us pleasure, especially when the gift is appreciated.

In the case of our dogs, enriching their lives also enriches ours. Anything that brings them happiness brings us happiness too. It doesn’t matter that they might tear your gift to pieces in a matter of minutes, for those few minutes we’ve made them really, really happy.

Dog treat baking mixes

My dog treat baking mixes came about as a result of making homemade dog treats for Marco and Ava. And I know they get treats every day, but last Christmas I made up a few batches with my mixes to use as stocking fillers for them. Put them in a little bag and placed them in their Christmas stockings underneath the Christmas tree and they loved them.

The Perfect Stocking Filler for Your Pooch

A selection of yummy ready-made treats made with my dog treat baking mixes!

They went down so well in fact that this year I decided to go the whole hog and get some labels printed for their Christmas dog treat bags. I showed them to a few friends. They liked them, they wanted some for their dogs, so here we are.

Next year, when I have more time, I’ll have proper pouches designed for them. For this year though, they’ll have to make do with Christmas dog treat bags just one more time.

Christmas dog treats, handmade by me with my own dog treat baking mixes, so you have inexpensive little stocking fillers for your pooch. I do hope you like them!

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