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Children’s Baking Recipes

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Children’s baking recipes for homemade dog treats are an ideal way to teach your child to bake. Every ingredient in our Bake & Treat dog treat mixes is fit for human consumption. That means it’s of human grade quality. So every ingredient is safe for both your dog and your child to eat. No concern then about your child licking his or her little fingers during the baking process. Everything is safe for them to eat anyway!

We use only natural ingredients

In addition to being dog-safe and safe for humans to eat, every ingredient we use in our dog treats mixes is 100% natural. We never use any synthetic ingredients. That means no additives or colourants, no preservatives and no nasty chemicals. That actually makes our dog treats more healthy than most treats made for humans!

And, because every ingredient has been selected and approved by our resident canine nutritionist, every treat is 100% safe for your dog to enjoy. We like to call them share-and-share-alike dog treats. Dog treats you can happily share with your dog knowing that both of you are benefiting from their natural goodness.

We believe our Bake & Treat dog treat mixes make ideal children’s baking recipes. Why? Because:

  • They are made with 100% natural, human grade ingredients
  • They contain all necessary dry ingredients
  • With few ingredients, they’re quick and simple to make
  • They teach children to look after pets at the same time as learning to bake

So why not introduce your child to the joys of home baking? And if you do, please let us know. Perhaps we could run a feature on them?


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