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Calming Treats for Dogs

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Calming treats for dogs

You might be surprised to learn that there are a number of different categories of dog treat. Training treats is the obvious one that springs to mind. But there’s also a category of dog treat known as the comfort treat or calming treat.

Comfort treats (calming treats for dogs) are the kind of longer-lasting treats you give your best friend when you’re going off to work in the morning. Or when you’re going somewhere that forces you to leave your dog at home for an extended period of time. The kind of treat that is particularly suited to an anxious or nervous dog. A dog that suffers from separation anxiety.

Treats designed to comfort

By their very nature, calming dog treats are designed to comfort your best friend.

They ideally need to last a while. To give your dog something else to think about other than how long it’s been since he or she last saw you. To relieve any boredom or separation anxiety your (normally) constant canine companion might be feeling at being left home alone.

Of course from your perspective, there’s also an altogether different, and somewhat selfish agenda in doling out a canine comfort treat. To make you feel a whole lot less guilty for leaving your best friend behind and not taking he or she with you!

Because you might leave your dog unattended with a comfort treat, it should obviously not pose a choking hazard. So no raw meaty bones please. RMBs may last a long while, but you should never give your dog a bone when you’re not going to be there just in case a problem arises!

Size-appropriate dog treats

In addition to being long-lasting, calming treats for dogs should also be size-appropriate. The right size for your dog. Not so big your dog could swallow it whole and potentially choke on it. And certainly not so hard that a smaller dog could fracture or break a tooth on it.

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An appropriately-sized Kong filled with xylitol-free peanut butter is an obvious choice for a comfort treat. Your best friend can’t come to any harm, and with any luck, the treat will last just long enough for your pup to reach its next scheduled nap time before noticing your absence!

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