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Tasty Dog Food Topper

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Dog Food Topper handmade in the UK with 100% natural, dehydrated, grass-fed British beef liver. Additive & preservative-free natural dog food supplement.


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100% natural daily superfood supplement
Dog nutritionist-approved
No additives or preservatives
Perfect for fussy eaters
Ideal flavour enhancer
Handmade in the UK

Nutrient-dense liver is one of the most concentrated sources of natural vitamin A of any food on the planet. It’s also a great source of choline, copper, folic acid, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. As nutritious for dogs as it is for humans, liver can help your dog with fatigue, improve mental ability and optimize nerve health.

Perfect for fussy eaters

As a concerned dog parent, it can be terribly frustrating if your dog is a fussy eater. One day he or she will tuck into their food like it’s going out of fashion. Next day your dog will simply turn up its nose and walk away still hungry.

Step forward my beef liver dog food topper, the latest in my range of 100% natural dog supplements. Made with dehydrated, grass-fed, British beef liver, it’s the perfect solution for any dog whose a fussy eater.

Ideal flavour enhancer

Sometimes, dog food can be pretty boring. Especially if a dog is not fed the variety it craves and even more so if you’re feeding dry dog food.

Step forward my beef liver dog food topper. Made with dehydrated, grass-fed, British beef liver, it’s the perfect flavour enhancer for dog food.

Simply mix it with a little warm water to enhance the aroma and bring out the flavour, pour it over your dog’s food, stand back and watch the difference!

Excellent hydrator

There are a number of reasons why your dog won’t drink water. He or she might be unhappy, perhaps as a result of finding themselves in strange surroundings.

An older dog will sometimes drink less because he or she is much less active than previously.

Dogs also tend to drink less in cold weather because there’s less need to regulate their body temperature when it’s cold. That’s okay if your dog is fit and well. But what if he or she is elderly or perhaps unwell? Under those circumstances, hydration is all the more important.

Water is essential for the health of any dog so it can be a worry. It’s pivotal for every bodily function. But sometimes dogs just need a little encouragement to drink water.

That’s where my beef liver dog food topper comes in handy. Made with dehydrated, grass-fed UK beef liver, it’s perfect for any dog who refuses to drink water. Mixed with a little warm water to bring out its aroma and enhance its flavour, it’s the perfect solution for a dog who won’t drink plain water.

2 reviews for Tasty Dog Food Topper

  1. Martin Parfitt (verified owner)

    We’ve been using this liver powder for the last 2 weeks for our soon to be 14 year old Wheaton terrier and it’s no exaggeration to say it has given him a new lease of life. He’s back doing long walks and running around as he was 5 years ago. We only use a very small amount as he has renal failure but it’s made a huge difference to his quality of life.

  2. Dawn (verified owner)

    I’m so glad that I found this product, my dogs love it, I’ve seen a different in the digestive system, energy, coat eyes, I’ll buy it again definitely.

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