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Dog Chef Seasoning

100% natural plant-based supplement for homemade dog food. Add to food daily for maximum benefit.


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  • 100% natural plant-based supplement for homemade dog food
  • Dog-nutritionist approved
  • No synthetic ingredients of any kind
  • Rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals
  • Natural, healthy and tasty. Dogs love it!

About My Dog Chef Seasoning

I am extremely proud of my dog food seasoning. Developed in-house and blended and packaged by hand by my own team here in rural Somerset, my dog food seasoning is designed to complete homemade dog food recipes with vital natural goodness. And complete it in a 100% natural way, without a single additive or preservative in sight!

This is a blend of natural herbs and spices developed by my resident dog nutritionist. Dogs thrive on homemade dog food. In my view, nothing beats fresh wholefoods for dogs. But in line with my ‘belt and braces’ approach to feeding man’s best friend, I wanted to go further. Everyone knows that homemade food is the best way to feed a dog. Many clients report a remarkable improvement in their dog once they make the switch to home cooked food. But I believe in going the extra mile for my dogs. So I devised my own unique dog food seasoning to add extra vitamins and minerals to their diet.

Each blend contains an equal mix of 10 different herbs, every one of which has proven nutritional benefits for dogs. And because my dog food seasoning makes an entire meal more appetising, dogs are less inclined to simply eat their meat and leave their veggies. This is particularly ideal for when a dog needs extra encouragement to eat his or her food such as when they’re feeling under the weather.

My Dog Chef Seasoning Includes

Basil for its antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Beneficial for, amongst other things, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, as well as relieving stress and anxiety.

Dill for its antibacterial benefits to the digestive system and for its proven ability as a breath freshener.

Oregano is known for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It is also recognised as being beneficial for inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and joint problems.

Parsley is another proven breath freshener with acknowledged effectiveness as a digestive aid. Like basil, it is also useful for treating inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, as well as being a beneficial kidney tonic.

Rosemary is another antioxidant-rich herb with proven benefits for the likes of age-related cardiovascular disease and cancer.

To these I’ve added Cleavers, Dandelion Greens, Mint Leaves, Plantain and Thyme, every one of which has proven health benefits for our canine companions.

No synthetic supplements, fillers, binding agents or chemical by-products. Just 100% natural goodness.

Make your dog’s homemade dog food complete with my 100% natural Dog Food Seasoning.


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