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Homemade Dog Food Made Easy (Recipes & Feeding Guide)

Dog nutritionist approved
Ready for immediate download
Suitable for all healthy adult dogs
High moisure content for better hydration and improved digestion
Easy to follow cooking instructions & feeding guide
Transitioning guide
Complete with grain and gluten-free recipes


Home Made Dog Food Recipes

Every time there’s a pet food recall, concerned pet parents scour the internet looking for healthy alternatives to commercial dog food using home made dog food recipes. The largest pet food recall in history took place in 2007. It claimed the lives of thousands of dogs in the UK, South Africa and the USA. The commercial pet food industry’s preoccupation with making ever larger profits at any cost, sees a continual search for cheaper and cheaper ingredients.

Sawdust is the latest dubious ingredient in commercial dog food. If you see cellulose listed as an ingredient in your dog’s food, it’s woodpulp. Sawdust to you and I. Do you really think sawdust should be in your dog’s food? Is that really all your best friend is worth? Do you have any idea just how little nutritional value there is in sawdust? I can give you the answer. None. Absolutely zero! Sawdust bulks up your dog’s food at virtually no expense for the manufacturer. It’s indigestible fibre. It has no nutritional value. That shows you how much the commercial pet food industry cares about your best friend. If you want to provide your dog with fibre, give it a carrot, give it pumpkin, don’t give it sawdust!

You on the other hand care about your dog. You want the best for your constant canine companion. I want the same. For my dogs and yours. My resident dog nutritionist has spent years researching the perfect home made dog food recipes. Thanks to him, my own dogs have the most amazingly varied diet. With only a few exceptions, your dog can eat most of the things you can eat. (Obviously that doesn’t include junk food and takeaways)!

Dogs need variety

Dogs thrive on variety. My own dogs eat everything from apples to zucchini. It’s the most rewarding thing seeing them tuck into their food the way they do. Variety is the key to successfully home made food for your dog.

With these home made dog food recipes you’ll discover the amazing variety of food your dog can enjoy and benefit from. You’ll learn about food groups and portion sizes. It will teach you how to successfully transition your dog from its existing food to this diet. You don’t need to be a Michelin Star Chef and you don’t need the fortune of a Kardashian. You just need to care enough to make home made food for your dog.

Benefits of these home made dog food recipes include:

Increased energy
Fewer allergies
Improved skin & coat condition
Lower vet bills
More happy years with your best friend

Know exactly what’s going into your dog’s food!


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