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Homemade dog treats

Dog treats homemade in the UK are dog treats you can trust. They’re made by The Dog Chef to recipes approved by our in-house canine nutritionist. They’re made only with 100% natural ingredients, ingredients that are both dog-safe and fit for human consumption. That means they’re safe for both you and your dog to eat. Where you you heard that said about dog treats before?

Our homemade dog treats really taste like they’re home made. They taste natural because they’re:

  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Made by hand.
  • Freshly made to order.
  • Made in small batches.

Every one of our homemade dog treats is made using one of our Bake & Treat dog treat mixes. So it’s easy to buy or make more of your favourite dog treats for your best friend. We use exactly the same ingredients and bake them in exactly the same way every time. So you know what you’re getting with out dog treats. No nasties. No hidden surprises. And definitely no additives or preservatives.

Dog treats so good, you can eat them too

We recommend you try our dog treats yourself. We certainly do. In fact the very first time we ever made dog treats at The Dog Chef, we had to make a second batch. For our dogs. Seriously!

They tasted so nice, we couldn’t stop eating them. They became the first in our Oat Cuisine range of dog treats. We call them Rascals, based on a type of cake which originated in Yorkshire in the 19th century. Made with coconut flour, they have a very distinctive flavour. And every one has a small piece of fruit hidden inside, generally a blueberry or a blackberry when they’re in season.

So if baking dog treats for your best pal is not your thing, but you want seriously healthy dog treats that you can enjoy too, look no further!