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Dog treat gifts

Dog treat gifts come in all manner of shapes and sizes. A bit like dogs really!

Pet parents always rewarded their dogs with treats, but never more so than today. Today, ours dog are very much part of the family. To a great many of us, they’re our children. As such, we want the best for them, so we shower them with love, with affection, with praise and of course, with treats.

Because so many of us treat our dogs as our children, it’s hardly surprising that we and our friends should want to buy them gifts. It’s what you do. Right? But what to choose when there’s so much on offer today?

So much to choose from

Well to begin with, if you are going to buy a gift for a dog, you want them to enjoy it. You want to know it’s safe for starters. You want to know that it is something they are going to enjoy and benefit from. For certain don’t want to buy them a gift that is going to do them harm. And the problem with most commercial dog treats is that you have no way of knowing for certain what’s in them. So how do you know they are safe for a dog?

At The Dog Chef we only use 100% natural products in our dog treat gifts. We don’t believe in giving man’s best friend synthetic ingredients when Mother Nature can provide our dogs with healthier treats.

So our dog treat gifts include dog treats and dog treat mixes. Our dog treat mixes, containing only 100% natural ingredients, make natural and healthy treats that can be eaten and enjoyed by the whole family. Made with dog-safe ingredients passed fit for human consumption, we even know of some pet parents who are reluctant to share their dog’s treats with their dog. Strange but true. Honest!

Every one of them has been approved by our in-house canine nutritionist so you can be absolutely certain they’re safe for dogs.

Our dog treat gifts also include dog baking kits that make dog birthday cakes, cookies, pupcakes and bone shaped biscuits.

They also include dog treat pouches, dog baking books and so much more.