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The dog treat cook book is becoming an indispensible tool for anyone who loves their dog. Every dog loves treats. Training treats, comfort treats, treats that say I love you and dog treats to while away the seemingly endless hours when you’re away from your best friend.

Importantly though, you want to know that the treats you feed your dog are safe. That they don’t contain harmful chemicals and unnecessary additives. And there’s no better way of knowing exactly what’s in your dog’s treats than baking them yourself.

All our dog treat mixes and recipes have been devised by our resident canine nutritionist. Dog nutritionist to you and I.

He’s an expert on what and what not to feed man’s best friend. Every ingredient is acknowledged to be dog-safe. More than that, every ingredient used in our dog treats mixes and dog treat recipes has been passed fit for human consumption. So you’ll know that the treats you bake for your dog are safe for your dog to eat, safe for your children to eat and safe for you to eat.

Baking your own dog treats is the safest way to know that what you’re giving your dog is 100% natural and safe. There are no fillers, no preservatives and no additives. And you simply won’t believe the variety of ingredients your dog – and you remember – can eat, enjoy and benefit from.

Not only will you be able to make and bake dog treats for your best pal. You’ll learn to bake dog-safe birthday cakes, pupcakes and cookies. You’ll also discover it’s the best way to get children involved in taking care of the family pet. It’s also an ideal way to introduce any child into the enjoyable world of baking.

With a dog treat cook book and one of our dog treat mixes, you’ll truly be able to reward your best friend. With love, with affection, with treats!