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Storage Tin

High-quality, durable brushed aluminium storage tin. Size 76mm (d) x 82mm.


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I don’t know about you, but I just never seem to have enough storage containers. It seems no matter how many I buy, I always need more. It drives my husband to distraction. He keeps on about how we’re going to need a bigger house before long if I keep buying more storage tins!

These high quality aluminium tins are ideal though. They’re great as a dog treat tin. They’re also useful for dog supplement storage. And of course, being The Dog Chef, I’m constantly making treats for my dogs so they make ideal storage containers for homemade dog treats as well.

As The Dog Chef, I specialize in dog treat baking mixes. Dry mixes which allow you to make natural and healthy homemade dog treats for your constant canine companion. Created by me, my recipes are approved by my resident canine nutritionist, and every one of them is dog-safe and made with human grade ingredients.

Each and every dog treat mix uses only 100% natural and healthy ingredients. I don’t believe in using additives or preservatives. Not only that, they’re made only with human grade ingredients. Ingredients which have been passed fit for human consumption. So not are only my homemade dog treats safe for your dog to eat, they’re also safe enough for you and your family to eat. How many dog treats can you say that about?

Back to this excellent dog treat tin though. In addition to being high quality, it’s made of aluminium and extremely durable. And it doesn’t look unattractive on the shelf which is always a nice thing I think!


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