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I’m Ann-marie Morgan, owner of The Dog Chef. Welcome to my shop. As you’ll see below, I’ve a growing range of 100% natural products including dog treat baking mixes and plant-based health supplements, all produced in-house by myself and my team here in the UK. I do hope you’ll join me in making the world of dogs a better place!

The dog treat market is a confusing and frightening place for loving and caring dog parents. The dog food market is no different. So many choices, so many strange-sounding synthetic ingredients, so many pet product recalls!

So after many years of making and perfecting treats, and indeed food, for my own dogs, I decided to try and make a difference by setting up The Dog Chef.

I want to introduce you to the kind of homemade treats and food I’ve been feeding my dogs for years. Ably assisted by my dog nutritionist husband, I make everything my dogs eat. All their treats, every single one of their meals is homemade using 100% natural ingredients. Every ingredient is also human-grade, passed fit for human consumption. That means that you too could try your dog’s Dog Chef treats if you like. In point of fact, I know many people who are rather partial to them!

I do hope you’ll join me on my crusade to make your dog’s life a happier one with natural dog treats and healthy food!

My dogs loved these treats and so did my puppy school pups. Only a few recognisable ingredients, no yucky liquidising liver, no unpleasant smell while cooking and super easy to make. It makes excellent training treats!
Hilary, Dumfries and Galloway


My dogs had the liver treats… loved them!
Glenys, North Devon

We’ve just cooked our first batch of ‘The dogs love liver training treats’ and they are fabulous, just ask my dogs! And the delicious smell whilst they are cooking is amazing. I’d highly recommend as a top end training treat!
Lin, East Sussex


Simple recipes using 100% natural, human grade ingredients make my dog treat baking mixes the perfect introduction to junior baking.