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It’s Nearly That Time of Year Again!

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Farmers fields are turning golden yellow with Rapeseed. It gives us that feeling of summer whilst also acting as a beautiful backdrop to scenic photographs!

However pretty the fields look, please do try to avoid walking through them with your dogs, & certainly avoid having your dog pose for photos in fields of rapeseed.

Rapeseed is listed by Dogs Trust as toxic to our dogs if ingested and can cause symptoms such as:

Haemolytic Anaemia
Damaged Nervous System
Digestive Disorders
Breathing Problems
Please be warned that some dogs can also suffer after effects from just running through Rapeseed.

Reports have shown dogs can be super sensitive to this plant, suffering skin lesions and burn-like sores effecting their eyes and paws. (Photo in story)
Some have even experienced breathing difficulties from the pollen.

If you think your dog is showing symptoms of rapeseed poisoning, please seek immediate veterinary attention.

Article courtesy of Dog First Aid Franchise.

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